Why do I need to get Powerpoint training?

Powerpoint, like all software, should be intuitively easy to use... and up to a point Powerpoint is easy. Part of the problem with Powerpoint is that it's sometimes too easy to use - that leads to bad Powerpoint and wasted presentations.

What makes our Powerpoint training special is that it's not (just) about how to do what - it's about what to do in the first place

Writing a set of Powerpoint slides is easy. Writing a set of good Powerpoint slides is harder! That's why you need Powerpoint training. We'll show you the basics of PowerPoint's mechanics but more importantly, this training will show you some of the more important stylistic elements. In fact, almost all of what you'll get in our Powerpoint training is just as applicable for Mac's Keynote or OpenOffice's Impress software - it's about the effect of your presentation, not the mechanics.

Don't get us wrong, we'll show you the basics such as which buttons to push, but the mechanics are (relatively!) easy to master. That's why you need Powerpoint training and not just a do-it-yourself book. Too much technical stuff without any design/concept stuff and you end up with a perfectly designed Powerpoint deck that no one can use or sit through.

You'll have heard of "death by Powerpoint": we'll show you what it is and how to avoid it (and even the time when you should consider it!).

The use of the Powerpoint presentation has been a disaster... it should be ditched.

- John Sweller - University of New South Wales

If that's whetted your appetite, drop us a line.